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Panama Company Formation: Must-Knows

Panama, an independent nation, is renowned as one of the most well-established International Offshore Financial Centers. Panama has successfully attracted over 250,000 Offshore Companies to establish themselves within its borders.

Panama boasts a consistent track record of economic stability, coupled with a thriving banking sector, comprehensive banking confidentiality regulations, and crucial privacy provisions, making it a sought-after destination for Offshore Company registrations.

Panamanian corporations have the freedom to engage in any legal business in any part of the world and are at liberty to conduct transactions in any currency of their choosing.

Key features/benefits of Panama Company :

  1. Political Independence: Panama is a self-governing nation with a high degree of autonomy. This autonomy helps maintain the confidentiality features that make it attractive for offshore business, setting it apart from some other Caribbean jurisdictions.

  2. Tax Benefits: Offshore companies in Panama enjoy significant tax advantages. They are exempt from local business profit taxes, and there are no taxes on the sale or transfer of shares in a Panama Offshore Company.

  3. Privacy Protection: Panama does not maintain a public registry that discloses information about shareholders or beneficial owners, ensuring a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

  4. Nominee Options: Panama allows the use of Nominee Shareholders and Professional Directors, and these nominees can even be other corporate entities, adding flexibility to corporate structuring.

  5. High Fiscal strength: Panama enjoys a robust fiscal position thanks to its decentralized banking system, which operates without a central bank. This unique setup eliminates exchange controls, allowing unrestricted monetary transfers abroad. This includes dividends, interests, branch profits, and royalties, all of which can flow freely.

Furthermore, Panama uses the balboa as its official currency for transactions, and it is pegged at a 1:1 ratio to the U.S. dollar. This strong currency peg adds an extra layer of fiscal stability, shielding the nation from the impacts of global financial crises and helping to maintain low inflation rates.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Simplified Documentation: Panama Offshore Companies are not required to submit annual returns or audited accounts, reducing administrative burdens.

  2. Banking Choices: Panama boasts a robust Financial Services sector, providing a wide range of options for offshore banking needs.

  3. Easy Relocation: Panama acknowledges the need for offshore companies to relocate swiftly if required and has incorporated this flexibility into its legal framework.

  4. Language Options: While Spanish is the official language of Panama, the country allows the registration of offshore companies in any language, and English is widely spoken, making it accessible to a diverse range of businesses.

Potential Application:

A Panamanian company has a wide range of potential applications:

  • It can act as a custodian for managing bank accounts, fixed deposits, investment portfolios, and various financial or commercial assets.

  • It has the capability to hold ownership stakes in other companies or legal entities.

  • It can serve as the owner of various real estate properties, including apartments, houses, buildings, vessels, and both movable and immovable assets.

  • It can take on the role of managing or facilitating international business transactions.

  • It can engage in international leasing arrangements for items such as vehicles, machinery, and vessels.

  • It can function as an effective intermediary for lending or borrowing funds, as well as for remitting or receiving commissions, royalties, and related financial activities.

  • It can facilitate marketing and promotion efforts for products and services.

  • It can accommodate a wide range of commercial and financial endeavors.

Corporate Requirements:

Min. No. of Shareholders


Min. No. of Directors


Min Founder/Subscriber


Min. Share Capital

No Minimum

Corporate Directors


Company Secretary


Bearer Shares


Record Keeping


Audit of Accounts

Not Required

Local and Annual Requirements:

Registered Office


Registered Agent


Local Directors


Local Shareholders


Annual Return

Not Required

Annual General Meeting

Not Required

Annual Renewal of Registered Agent & Registered Office


Panama Company Registration Process:

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Disclaimer: While Offshore Lawyer make every effort to ensure the information on this website is current and accurate, please note that the content is intended for general reference purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional legal advice tailored to your specific situation. We recommend consulting with our customer services team for advice regarding your individual circumstances.

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